Chapter seven. When the dollar crashes, then what?

I haven't a clue. Nothing like the crash of our dollar has ever happened in the history of mankind. There have been several nations whose currency crashed. Greece comes to mind. But, the world reserve currency isn't the Greek euro. Most of the world doesn't use euros for petroleum purchases.

The world reserve currency is the US dollar. Petroleum is traded in US dollars (mostly). The crash of the dollar will be felt world-wide, and probably overnight.

When that happens, and it will, what becomes of what we possess? Does our paper money revert to its intrinsic value - paper? Things we have financed will still be contracted and no doubt payable with dollars, even when they are otherwise worthless. I don't know that, it just seems right. Paper dollars may go out of existence in fact. Replaced with computer zeros and ones only.

Food, water and shelter will still be required. Our financed homes will be still there. We will still be able to stay out of the rain. Payment for them should still be in dollars somehow, since that is what the contract calls for. The food shelves may become empty overnight. Make sure you have enough to get by for at least some period of time until the system takes hold again.

Guns and ammo. A necessity. However, contrary to what a lot of websites tell you, a gun isn’t going to help you in "martial law". Nor will having a lot of guns. I actually can’t think of one situation where a gun helps someone survive martial law.   Do you really think your guns are going to overpower the tanks rolling down the street, or the guns of the entire military fleet outside your door? If you use your gun, it is just going to draw attention to you and get you locked up. So, be wise.

So, what becomes of silver then? Will stores start accepting it? If dollars cease to exist and they somehow require payment - how does that work? Will silver skyrocket in value? Should you accept currency for your silver toward the end? If so, exactly when? Should you wait until it reaches a hundred-dollars an ounce? More unknowns than knowns that's for sure.

People tell me "You can't eat silver." That's is true. But, when you can't buy shoes with dollars, what will be available to use then?

I do know that silver and gold have had value since the start of civilization and have never become worthless. Paper, on the other hand has never lasted as a fiat currency anytime anywhere it has been used. 100% of the time - fiat currencies have gone under and reduced in value to zero.