Chapter nine. Junk silver or silver bullion?

The term "junk silver" means basically a US silver coin which has no value other than the silver content. Bullion on the other hand is usually pure (99.9%) silver in various forms like bars, rounds or other. Silver bars are either pressed or poured.

When the dollar crashes and the world's economy fails some people who are today mostly ignorant about silver and gold will become your first "customers"! Be nice to them!

Although they are basically ignorant, they may have enough knowledge to make a purchase or sell something to you. That little knowledge will probably be the fact they can actually recognize a US "silver" coin.

Some will know what this is and accept it.
Junk (I really hate the term!) silver is available all over at this time. Silver US coins are always dated 1964 or before - remember. The exceptions aren't important now. Remember the date - Nineteen sixty-four 1964. Don't be ignorant. It will cost you sometime later. 1964 - got it!

Even worn out coins may be a rare date and be quite valuable. Make sure to check.
One silver dollar today sells for about the same as a one ounce silver bullion bar or round - maybe a tad less. Junk is sold by the pound, by the dollar value or sometimes as individual coins. Break out the calculator and shop wisely. Scan the sales online and compare. The prices sometimes vary a lot.

If using ebay prices to compare, make sure to see what the offering is. Selling price or bid price? You can also click to view sold items to see what amount things are actually being sold for.

After a period of time more people will learn about values and what to look for, so after a time your bullion will come into play. If all you own is bullion that's fine. You will just have to be a better salesperson at first!

As I said elsewhere - NOBODY knows for sure what is coming down! So my thoughts here could be all wrong! As the Terminators were so fond of saying: "We'll see . . ."