Chapter twenty-seven. President TRUMP!

We are currently experiencing rapid fire news from all over the globe. This is unlike anything I can remember.

November 8, 2016 President Donald J. Trump
DONALD TRUMP elected President! This is historic! George Washington became President with no political experience. Possibly another from the early days of our republic; but I know of none. So will everything be OK now? 

Initially the (manipulated) stock market took a nose dive. However, they recovered almost immediately after that initial sell-off. So what is next?

Our nation has an insurmountable amount of debt! Way more than President Trump can pay off! First he will need to have a face-off with the big banks. They, after all, control the economy. Only time will tell about what happens between them. Whatever the outcome is - we are still controlled by the dollar. When it fails we will also fail. Regardless as to who the President is!

BREXIT passed! GB has divorced itself from the EU. Gold shot up over $60 an ounce. Silver rose as well. It is not important how much the change was. Here is the real importance to us: The UK broke away from the EU and that move effected the entire financial world. Stocks dove. Metals went up. (Just like the initial results from the Trump win!) That effect was felt immediately worldwide by literally every creature on earth!

Can you begin to imagine what the effect of the crash of the dollar will have?

We have had internal rioting in Ferguson, Missouri and in Baltimore and New York. Organizations like Black Lives Matter preaching evil and appearing to move us toward a race war here - and then being guests of Obama at the White House! Russia involved in the Ukraine, US reporters being beheaded. Terror in France. The rise of ISIS and the return of Iraq to Islamists. Opposition to Donald Trump's candidacy has become violent in some places like nothing we've seen since the "brown shirts" of Hitler's rise to power!

Don't get me wrong here. I am not campaigning for Trump with my blog. Just pointing out the facts involved currently is all.

The internal scandals: NSA spying on US citizens, IRS targeting conservative groups, government officials pleading the 5th, voter fraud, news media being controlled, Fast and Furious gun running to Mexico, US officials murdered in Benghazi and covered up by our own government! Billions of dollars missing in the State Department under the watch of a Presidential candidate. Viable Presidential candidates preaching socialism - something which just a few years ago would have had them chased from town! And a lot of "political correctness" altering our way of life. All this with a news media that is not reporting what is going on!

Our once great republic has become one of the most corrupt nations on earth! Our currency is at risk. Our government cannot be trusted. Our national debt is beyond recovery for many reasons.

This list could go on and on. If you look around you can add dozens of items every day. In fact this particular page needs the most up-dates of all 50.

And, even if you don't like or don't agree with any of what I just typed - everyone senses there is simply something terribly WRONG!

The 2014 elections netted a huge gain for the Republicans, now controlling both houses of Congress. But, will that even matter to the economy in the long run? Watch the video below to learn why it simply CANNOT matter!

What has this to do with silver investments?  EVERYTHING! 

A part of these "many things" is the series of Quantitative Easing or QEs the government has been doing. In other words, our monetary system has been inundated with massive amounts of currency over the past half-dozen or more years. This massive increase in the currency supply is a root cause of inflation. The government, and only the government, can cause inflation in this way. Yet, despite how critical this is to our future, very few even know it is happening.

In addition to simply increasing the supply of money, the government borrows at interest from the Federal Reserve - which is a private bank! So, why borrow? Good question. The government both owns the printing presses and has the legal authority to create currency as needed - without borrowing anything! Indeed, we've done that before. But today they borrow anyhow, and a few big bankers get a lot of interest on money they never even had in the first place! If you did this, you would do time! They simply become the super-wealthy.

So why haven't we seen massive inflation? Yes, there is some. But not what you would expect with such a massive increase in the currency supply. Part of the reason is due to the methods used to report inflation. The numbers are manipulated to make inflation appear lower than it actually is. Everyone knows the prices have been rising at a greater rate than what we are being told. Groceries are way up. Housing is now on the rise. Plus many other things.

Another reason inflation is not as much as it seems it should, is the "velocity" of currency. When you pay for something, that money may get spent again and over again, and is actually multiplied in its effect on inflation. For example, say I give you a ten-dollar tip and you take a cab home with that ten-dollars. The cab driver buys gasoline and the attendant buys his lunch etc. etc.  Now the inflationary effect has multiplied several times. However, in bad times people to spend less and that velocity slows way down, slowing inflation. That has been happening because many have stopped or slowed their rate of spending.

But, there is a far greater reason for no hyper inflation yet. One which has yet to come home to roost. Large portions of the newly created currencies go out of the country. Neel Kashkari, Assistant Secretary of the treasury for Financial Stability, was asked who got those 700+ billions in bail-out dollars, and he flatly refused to say! But, he did admit they went mostly overseas. We buy products from all over the globe. New cars. Sewing machines. Hair dryers. Sports equipment. Shoes. You name it, we buy it - imported. That means many of our new dollars aren't staying here in the USA. Yes, the car salesman gets paid. But the car is made in Japan! 

Those dollars are going to return someday with a vengeance - and actually have begun to do so. China has received the lion's share of those dollars, and has been buying US land and other assets with the dollars. Other recipients are beginning to do the same thing. Dollars are beginning to return.

As these countries start seeing those dollars are just paper, which were simply printed up on machines and given out like free candy, the storm will begin. Everyone will then realize that to get any value out of a dollar they need to get rid of it ASAP! When this happens, and I believe it has started along with all that other crap in the beginning of this post, the crash begins . . .

In addition, much of what has been done with the QEs has been just in the computers. Actual paper is not boxed up and sent to China (for example). The computer age has ended the need to do that. Just a bunch of zeros and ones in a computer go there electronically. It happens instantly and efficiently. It also reduces the impact to inflation here. With the "money" not actually being printed and seen by people, the effect on inflation has been diminished substantially. However, it will take hold and hyper inflation will be upon us eventually. This can and will happen almost instantly. 

Don't expect to have time to prepare."

The time to prepare is NOW!

So, I suggest watching the news. See for yourself what is going on. Remain skeptical of the main stream news media which seems to me is either inept or complicit to what is happening.  "Fake News" is a term used now.

Wake up America! Our economy is in danger