Chapter thirty-one. It's for your future

I really shouldn't need to add anything to this - but, by now you know me, and I will.

Why does anyone save anything?

For the future. Future living expenses. Future security. The future of our children and their children as well.


So, looking ahead a few years then....

What will the dollar be worth in ten years? If history is any clue, it wont be worth much - IF it even exists. The dollar in 2003 was worth about $1.27 today. There are, of course, different ways to figure this. But basically that is true. Here is a chart showing ways to figure this:
So a dollar today will be worth about 73 cents ten years from now IF things continue as they have for the past ten years. I think they will be far worse, but even with that in mind how much will a savings account be worth with a hundred dollars in it ten years from today? $73.00 is all. If you calculate interest on that savings you still lose a lot and certainly do not come out ahead. 

Silver is way down today. Seventeen dollars an ounce. Do you think it will go down 27% over the next ten years to $12.41 an ounce? To parallel the dollar loss it would need to do exactly that. On the other hand... IF silver goes up to the often predicted one-hundred dollars an ounce, where would you be then?


I simply cannot fathom silver shrinking to twelve dollars an ounce. But, I guess anything is possible.