Chapter thirty-three. Precious metals are on sale!

Yes! If you are investing in silver it is time

Today silver is still lower than it has been for some time. At this moment it is under $20 an ounce. Many of us paid over $35 an ounce not long ago. So you may get half-off in this current market.

Look at it as a sale price!

But, how can I be this happy about losing half what I spent (I bought at $34 an ounce)? Simply because I am not selling. I'm buying! Nobody loses when the price drops except those who sell. It could go even lower. But I doubt it. But then again, not long ago I doubted it would ever go below $26 an ounce - so what do I know?

A fellow employee stated he read the price would never go below $26.00 an ounce. I listened and actually thought he was right and knew what he was talking about. Obviously, he didn't!

So, please everyone - read my disclaimer. NEVER invest based just upon my ideas!

I do know this: We can only lose by selling. I am in this for the long haul. What about you?

There are two ways to invest in silver. 

1. For short term profit. Buy now, and sell when it goes back up - and IT WILL. 

2. For the long haul. Buy regardless of price and hold until way down the line. 
The first way is actually more risky. You can work yourself to death trying to figure out when to buy and when to sell. You can come out ahead every time doing this. In the end, you have more paper than you started with. Unless you are a dealer, you will need to share with one of them while doing this every time you buy or sell. Plus, if I am right and the dollar crashes, you may have nearly nothing.

Don't get me wrong, this can be a good strategy - dealers do this constantly. It just isn't my strategy. I believe it is inevitable that the dollar will crash in the future and that paper will return to its intrinsic value. When it does I believe the more you have in silver holdings the better off you will be. I'm talking about when we stop trying to figure out what an ounce of silver is worth in dollars and start seeing how many gallons of gasoline it will buy.

So, if silver tanks, many will sell off. If you do that you may well regret it later.

No longer available from the mint!
"U.S. Mint officials confirmed Nov. 5th the Mint's inventory of 2014 American Eagle 1-ounce silver bullion coins has been depleted."

Mint spokesman Michael White said plans were being developed to replenish the inventory to meet the insatiable investment demand for the bullion coins. A similar situation occurred a few weeks ago, pushing the Mint to increase production to restock the bullion cupboards."

Hang in there!