Chapter thirty-eight. Robert Kiyosaki on silver

The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad speaks about silver verses gold.

These two videos explain how this man feels about investing in silver. They are both about four minutes long. So, do yourself a favor and take eight minutes out of your life to watch and see if you agree with one of the best known investment experts ever.

You all know how I feel. I have repeatedly said to NOT take my advice for investing. I repeat that right now. DO NOT. But, when all the predictions about fiat currencies come true, you may wish you had listened to people like Robert here. 

The choice is yours alone. If your investment portfolio is all in currencies and the system crashes - what will be in your safe? If you have silver (gold) in that portfolio what will it be worth if the system crashes? How about if the system does not crash? Will silver (gold) become worthless? Nope. It is a win-win situation.  

The only possible way to lose is if you only have cash to fall back on

I know I have repeated this theme throughout my blog. But, it is important to me that my readers aren't able to accuse me of not saying anything!