Chapter forty-seven. Who should they pick for the new paper money?

Does anyone really care?

First off, paper money is actually worth less than a plain sheet of usable paper!
Secondly, Jackson, on the twenty, opposed the central bankers and deserves to be on our paper.

If we must place a female on our paper money, because of some warped  political correctness ideas, then we should  pick Anna Williams

Most of you wont recognize her by her name. The story goes that she posed for the depiction on the Morgan dollar. Whether or not she did doesn't matter. The depiction below would make the perfect one for the ten-dollar bill.

The "KING" of coins!

Another point I should make is the fact that our nation's currencies have had a lot of women depicted. Currently both the silver American Eagle dollar as well as the Gold fifty-dollar (and fractional) coin depict a female.
American Silver Eagle
American Gold Eagle

Lady Liberty has been depicted quite often throughout the years on our coins. Here are a few more examples:

Here's one with a female American Indian.

Oops! That last one isn't really a US coin! Probably should be though . . .

Once upon a time, we had Martha Washington on paper money. Otherwise, nobody.

So, why do YOU believe this change is happening at this time?  Call me crazy, but isn't it strange this is going on as Hillary Clinton is running for President? A stretch perhaps. But, stranger things have happened. The "A female deserves the job" syndrome - as expressed by Chelsea Clinton may be the underlying impetus for this. My opinion is all. Now that she lost - maybe we could start worrying about things which actually matter?

My absolute bottom line is this. I do not believe it matters what sex our paper money depicts. Any effort to choose one over the other deliberately, as they are doing, is in itself sexist!