Chapter twenty-two. Buyer BEWARE!

The saying, "If it seems too good to be true,  it probably is." applies here.

I just found this pictured coin listed for sale on eBay. Notice anything funny about it?


Well, for starters, what is the name of the company certifying it? Type that name in your search engine and, if you get what I got - it will be NOTHING! That name was probably just made up by this seller.

Next notice it is claimed to be an MS68 1964-D Kennedy. Go to eBay and see what is the highest grade listed. It is MS66 on my computer. I checked the PCGS coin Price Guide page only to see that it lists the 1964-D MS68 coins as being worth $15,000.00. This guy is asking $26.00 for his coin!

Can we say "fraud"?

He claims: "...there is at least one known example grading up to MS68 condition for the 1964-D."

And WOW! HE HAS IT FOR SALE RIGHT THERE ON eBay! And it is $14,974.00 off!

And his page says the photographs are courtesy of PCGS! Not true.

Quote from his page:

"Coin detail information and example images provided courtesy of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). All Rights Reserved."

Read this again and then look again at the photograph of the coin slab. Do you see "PCGS" anywhere?

Me neither. 

I am posting this not to go after this one guy, but to warn you of this old adage:

 Buyer Beware