Chapter twenty-three. Invest in precious metals FIRST!

Here is why I advised to make silver your first 20% of the portfolio. (remember - NEVER take my advice!)

The future holds two distinct possibilities, in my opinion.
Based upon a goal of $100,000 savings:

  1. Dollar crashes: In this case, if you have your twenty-thousand in silver (simply my "suggested" amount for illustrative purposed only) it will possibly go to a hundred an ounce or more. Thus your saved silver becomes the equivalent to $100K. Based on today's prices of about $20 an ounce. And your paper savings becomes just pretty wallpaper.
  2. Crash doesn't happen: You still have the silver and it is still worth $20K+-. And, you have the other investments, which should be $80K. Thus, this also yields you the 100K.
Another plus to this order of saving is that if the dollar crashes before you manage to obtain your other investments - you win!

ALWAYS has value.
The single FACT here is that silver cannot ever become worth zero. It will always retain its store of value. Always has. Always will.

My second 20% will be a single-pay life insurance policy. In this case, for $20K.


If you have a company 401K which your employer contributes towards, make sure you are invested in it for the amount they match. This can build up for your third 20%.

And, when buying silver, if the price goes down I'd keep buying. If it goes up I'd keep buying. It all balances out. Remember - it can never go to zero. Of course, if the dollar crashes and the prices go ballistic, stop buying! But, I didn't need to tell you that, did I?

Just my rambling opinions.