Chapter twenty-four. Some of what I once owned.

Here are a few photographs of various notable coins etc. I owned. They were sold off to get paper money as a down payment on the house where I am sitting at this moment. I lost thousands because metals were down at the time; but the house needed bought!

In 2015's market, PCGS certified AU58 = $47,500.00. Yes, I had this and sold it!
Fifty to sixty known to exist on earth!
The one I miss the most! Value today about 2+K.

Had some of these. Today about $3,000.00 each.

1988 W Proof American Eagle.
Proof American Silver Eagle.

Had a few dozen of these.

Today these are all gone. My collection consists of three 1943 certified pennies and a few items of little value which I retain for various sentimental reasons, such as this from 339A.D.

Rare - very old. But, not very valuable.

Odds and ends, all gone now.