Chapter eleven. Trusted dealers

OK. Let's get back on track.

One Hundred Trillion Dollars.

IF you decide you want to buy silver (or gold), From whom should you buy?

I already mentioned eBay in a previous entry. They, along with other online auctions, sell almost any type of silver you could ever want. Then there are dealers, both locally as well as online.

Most people probably live near one of these dealers. Here in the Palm Beaches there are several within easy driving distance. I find a better selection and often better prices online. Plus, there is usually a guarantee protecting you. For me, the local dealers have been limited in what they have to offer, and for some reason not always easy to deal with. But, that's just me.

Many "local dealers" also sell online! In which case they may be a really good place to deal. You can avoid shipping charges and simply drive over and pick up what you bought online. The shipping savings may give you an extra edge against others who may be bidding. For example, a coin selling for $80.00 plus $6.00 shipping gives you a six-dollar edge when bidding! Be sure to confirm with the dealer BEFOREHAND that you wish to pick up instead of having it shipped !

I will name a few online sellers for you to check out. This is but a very few of the many out there. Some sell coins and bullion and others either/or. Remember to shop around. You will find that from time to time one has the better price, then a week later the other is better. Don't marry any one of them. It is your hard earned currency you are spending.

Here is a short list with a comment or two as appropriate.

Good selection. Every sale is always FREE delivery. Sells "grouped" items at a discount. Has adequate stock without "sold out" on a lot, like some have. Fast delivery. Accurate sales. Discrete packaging. Very limited number of coins available. Coins priced a little higher than eBay coins.

Good selection. Offers FREE delivery on certain items and occasionally on everything they sell. Sells own brand items minted at Silvertowne. A few "sold out" items in a few sections like Canadian Maple Leaf coins and some other. Very limited number of numismatic coins available and prices on eBay sometimes better. Produces investor information pod casts.

Good selection. Usually requires minimum purchases. Sells own brand rounds. Good prices on larger quantity purchases. Producers of a great many videos regarding currencies and precious metals. Does not sell numismatic coins.

Good selection. No minimum required. Priced competitively. Fast discrete shipping. Sells numismatics as well as bullion.

Good selection. No minimum required. Priced competitively. Fast discrete shipping. No numismatics.

Supplies, JP'S Corner
Carries extensive inventory of coin and bullion related supplies like holders, tubes, albums etc.

Good selection. FREE shipping in lower 48.

Do a search or two to find dozens more.