Chapter thirteen. Obtain a safe or otherwise secure your investment

Place slabbed coins in one of these -
Place it all in something like this.

Silver has a problem. That is - it is a bulky way to store value. Historically, an ounce of gold is worth fifteen ounces of silver. So, basically, silver storage takes 15 times as much space as gold. As I mentioned early on, possession of precious metals is a balancing act between value and liquidity. An ounce of gold is far more valuable than an ounce of silver today, but what will it buy for you when the dollar crashes? Are you going to be able to buy groceries and get a clerk to give you back a pile of silver as change?

Remember when I said I DON'T KNOW what is going to happen? It applies here too.

What I do know is if you invest in silver, before long you will have enough to need a safe place to store it. Unfortunately, I haven't had this problem yet since every time I begin to collect some, I need to sell off to pay a bill etc.

Anyhow, you may be a smarter investor than I am. I hope so. So, you may need a safe place to keep it. Buying a home safe is one answer. A gun safe works well for this.

The cost of a safe can be pretty high. Depending on the size and quality they can range into the thousands of dollars. Cheaper safes are better than none. But a heavy-duty one bolted down is best.

The safe pictured has both a combination lock as well as a key lock. Both are required to open it. Buy one like that then store the key off site someplace like at work or whatever. So, no matter what nobody can get in it without knowing where the key is and then going to get it. In my case that would by my job site which has a dozen armed guards working at any given time!

I am not going into the various ways to hide your stash here. That is available online in dozens of places. What I am saying is do something. Don't pile silver on a living room table. Think about the problem for yourself. But do something.