Chapter thirty-five. I will NOT buy certain coins advertised on ebay etc.

False advertising!

I have already mentioned a few things which the sellers get wrong. Lately, I have seen this creep in more and more.

Here are examples of advertisement claims which repel me and keep me from even considering biding on a coin regardless of any other interest I may have in that coin.

The following applies to ONLY PCGS slabbed coins:
  1. The claim that it is in an old green holder (OGH). This claim means it should be in the old holder - right? Well the coin pictured by them is often in the newer holder, with an old green label inside that holder. This is NOT an OGH! It is an old green label (OGL) maybe, but the holder is the newer style and is actually a different size. In fact, there are boxes which hold the real OGH slabs and the newer ones will not fit into those boxes.
    Some PCGS boxes are green some are blue. These are both the same size and hold only the newer, larger sized, slabs.
    NGC boxes are a different size from PCGS. Otherwise, I know very little about NGC.
    This is both an OGH as well as a "rattler".
    New style and newer larger size holder - older green label.
    Notice the actual holder is completely different at the edges. It is also a slightly smaller size holder, and will not fit into the newer PCGS boxes.

    I know the one on the top is a "rattler" because the coin is up-side-down in the holder.  Known as the “rattler” holder, the early PCGS holders were used from 1986-1989 and are still seen sometimes today. The coin rattles around inside the old holder and sometimes moves around like the one pictured. This cannot harm the coin in any way. PCGS cured this problem after 1989, and the revised holders looked exactly the same but held the coin tightly. This "problem" of the coin being spun around can be fixed by the buyer, making the coin right-side-up. I'll keep my method of "fixing" it to myself though,  thank you!

    Bottom line is this. There are two style and sized holders. The old size is usually called an old green holder (OGH). Some of these are also a "rattler". The newer sized holders from 1989 forward used to have a green label in them. PCGS switched to a blue label then a gradient blue label more recently. There are other variations as well.

    I also know that some sellers would disagree with me about what to call a newer holder with a green label. That's fine - but, I AM THE BUYER.  Or . . . NOT!
  2. The claim the coin is "proof like" when, in fact it is not. The certified coin pictured in their offering will not have the letters PL or DMPL on it, but the seller somehow knows better - right? His/her claim is that it is PL, in spite of the expert opinion of the grading service's label on the slab which says otherwise! I have even seen coins which have a little gummed sticker on the outside with the letters PL hand written on it by the seller, as if that made it official! Nope - I wont buy from that guy.
    What I think is a particularly nice looking MS64+ coin. Notice it is NOT graded PL or DMPL.

    This one is indeed graded DMPL by the grading service. They know FAR more than I do.

  3. The claim of "Semi-proof like". That isn't even a grade. It is simply a made up claim by the seller. If he wishes to tell you how nice the coin is, fine. But the official claims (PL) should be avoided. He could say it is PQ (premium quality) or shiny, or has great eye appeal or blast white. But, reputable sellers will (should) avoid confusing a buyer with "almost" or "semi" this or that grade.
  4. Side by side. Left is OGH. Notice the actual size of the slab is smaller. These require a different storage box. One which is no longer made. They are available on eBay sometimes at a premium. Right is new style holder, blue label in the photo, but some also have other colors including green.
  5. And of course, the obvious reasons. The start bid price is already above the value of the coin. I'm sure some people will not do all the research and buy these or bid as the case may be. As for me - nope.
For other than PCGS slabbed coins you are on your own. I have only ever owned a few coins slabbed by other grading services and simply don't know enough to tell you anything about their slabs.