Chapter thirty-six. Overview

In a nut shell I am saying the following:

Our nation, and in fact the world, is faced with an epic financial FAIL! Very soon the usual way of doing business will disappear. That cash in your wallet or bank account will turn out to be worth its weight in paper! Actually very little of what we call "money" even exists today. The vast majority (over ninety percent!) is contained in little bits in computers and simply doesn't exist in real life. Just a bunch of zeros and ones. Nothing more. A flip of a switch and it all goes away!

As of now, there is not much we can do about this looming situation. Most people are unaware and distracted by things like Real Housewives and sitcoms. Or worse - sports! There are many online videos of interviews of people showing how utterly ignorant they are about the world around them. Voting hasn't seemed to help much since the elected people are pretty much the same regardless of party.

There are a few who do see what is happening. A very few. Some have come to understand things due to a religion and others through political studies. Plus a few have discovered through both! I am one of these latter people. I therefore believe what I do based on a religious belief plus a serious study in the secular world.

As a result of my training, I do not believe that storing up silver and silver coins and gold will result in a salvation in any religious way. I know those verses which tell us all not to hold our faith in the material things of this world. But I am not speaking about spiritual salvation in this blog! Salvation - that is to say, being "saved from the second death" spoken of in scripture is not what this is all about. I am trying to write about having a future in this physical world for now, and lasting longer and being better off physically than we might be if we became destitute in the coming months or years. I'm writing about having the wisdom to plan ahead for the foreseeable future. That future where our currencies will undoubtedly become worthless. 

Providing for ourselves and for our families into the physical future must be a "physical" matter.  We are, after all, physical beings. Our physical survival is of the utmost importance. We must eat. We must have shelter. We must continue moving ahead - for now. Yes, have your religion. Yes, provide for yourself and family in those "spiritual matters". But, provide for yourself into the future physically as well!

I am always reminded of the story where this family was trapped in a flood. They had to ascend to their house top to avoid being drowned. After a time along came a boat to rescue them. The father said, "Go away. We are relying on God for help." The boat left. Later a helicopter came over with the same results. The father told them to leave because they were waiting on God to rescue them. Eventually they all were drowned by the rising water.

Upon getting to heaven they asked why God let them down? God responded with: "I sent you a boat! I sent you a helicopter....!"

With that said here are a few photographs to fill the page up: