Chapter forty-one. But - what if we are wrong?

WHAT? No currency crash?

Is that a possibility? Yes, but only for as long as that fiat currency is accepted universally. But, can this go on forever?

So . . . if there is no crash - what about all of what I've been writing then? Haven't I said repeatedly "cash is trash"? Haven't I said the collapse of the dollar is inevitable? Yes, indeed I have

Cash is indeed just paper or just zeros and ones in a computer. It simply has no real value, just as I have said time and time again. But, if you accept it, it does have "a" value! That value being your faith in our system. Faith in our government. An imaginary value, but a value none-the-less.
So with that said, let's examine what you will have if you followed my pages and decided to do what I suggested (right above where I always say never take my investment advice!). 

As I explained on a page sometime back, IF you diversify and have 20% of your savings in precious metals (or some arbitrary percentage which you choose) and the dollar doesn't crash, you still will have 80% invested in currency based assets. How can that be a bad thing?

So . . . 

One possibility is that the dollar will be devalued enormously, but not actually crash. If that happens the precious metals will skyrocket in value against the dollar. A good result for you! If you own any that is.

Another possibility is the dollar crashes and becomes worth nothing. This is what I have focused on mostly. This is what I personally expect to see happen.

In this case you will become very wealthy! Wealth after all is measured in what you can afford to purchase and own. Buying with precious metals, when they are astronomically high in dollar value, can't be a bad thing for you. Another good result.

Yet another possibility is everything will stay the same as it is currently. No hyper-inflation. No change. In this case you will have a really nice collection of precious metals (and possible a nice coin collection) to have and to hold and do with as you please. You will eventually be able to pass it on to your children or grandchildren, or whomever. Precious metals never go to zero worth, so your collection will retain value no matter what happens. Plus, you will still have that other 80% investment to use as you wish. This becomes good result number three.

As a matter of fact, I can't think of a scenario in which investing in silver turns out to be a bad thing!

Many of us have inherited items from a parent or even a grandparent. Often some old coins or jewelry and maybe even a stamp collection. Remember how it felt to see that big jar of old dimes? Then you find out they are worth way more today than when people were spending them many years ago! Now just imagine how little Johnny will feel about grandpa(ma) who bequeathed a couple-hundred Morgan silver dollars to him! And remember this is only if things keep going and currencies remain stable.

WOW! Thanks grandpa!
So there it is. No possibility of making a mistake by investing in precious metals. As long as it is only a part of your portfolio that is. Everyone needs to make their own decisions. Some people buy into precious metals exclusively. If so, they could end up required to sell some of it before the prices go astronomical. I have suggested investing and placing just 20% in precious metals. Some suggest 10%. But, I have never suggested to buy into precious metals 100%. I haven't done that, and I doubt if you know anyone who is a bigger proponent of precious metals than I am. 

If you can tell me how (using the method of 20% as suggested) it would be a bad thing financially for anyone, please explain  in the remarks below. I would like to know.